Premium Woven Lanyards In UK offers thick woven lanyards that are perfect for long-term use and can be a perfect solution for your branding.

Woven Lanyards In UK That Are Threaded To Make A Statement

Lanyards That Highlight Your Brand Perfectly

Woven polyester lanyards are a practical wearable solution that solves your brand’s identification problem. Whether you distribute it among the audience or give them to your representatives and employees, they will keep on drawing attention and bringing your company under the limelight.

Woven Lanyards With An Elongated Lifespan

Quality is always our top concern while designing and crafting woven embroidered lanyards. We make sure that the woven artwork stays fresh and doesn’t fray or fade over time. You will get threaded lanyards with a smooth texture and crisp finish but most importantly the durability will outshine all other factors.

Countless Add-Ons, Perks, & Attachments

You will find several standard or optional attachments like a swivel hook, key ring, carabineer hook, name tags, and much more. Not only that, we offer some mind-blowing perks like free designs, free revisions, and no minimum order limit for custom woven lanyards. Be prepared to enjoy an experience of a lifetime.

Top Reasons To Choose Our Woven Lanyards

Eco-friendly polyester is used in our woven lanyards.

Designs are custom-tailored for effective promotion.

They are elegant and also comfortable to wear.

Bulk orders are processed at a swift pace.

Wholesale pricing for every order.

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We Bring Quality Woven Lanyards Under Your Budget

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Lanyard Size 50 Pcs 100 Pcs 150 Pcs 200 Pcs 500 Pcs 1000 Pcs
Woven Lanyard £6.00 £4.00 £3.00 £2.00 £1.00 £0.99
Your Pricing Plan Will Cover Production Costs, Shipping Charges, Extra Add-ons, & Several Other Free Perks

Add-Ons For Your Woven Lanyards In UK

cell loop
Cell Loop
bulldog clip
Bulldog Clip
swivel j hook
Swivel j Hook
thumb trigger
Thumb Trigger
thumb hook
Thumb Hook
plastic j hook
Plastic j hook
key ring
Key Ring
no swivel j hook
No Swivel j hook
oval hook
Oval Hook

A Simplified Production Of Woven Lanyards In UK

step one lanyards
1 - Share Your Design Needs

Connect with our experts for a detailed discussion so they can understand your requirements and come up with a custom quotation. Your uploaded artwork will be analysed in detail.

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2 - Your Approval Is Required

The project will start with our designers sketching a custom artwork based on the provided instructions. We will wait for the customer's approval before moving to production.

step three lanyards
3 - Safe & Secure Shipping

As soon as your woven polyester lanyards are ready, they will be hand-checked and packaged safely. Within no time, the delivery will be at your doorstep.

Reviews That Tell Everything About Our Woven Lanyards

"The customised woven lanyards I ordered from this website were exceptional in quality. The level of craftsmanship they showed was quite impressive, and the attention to detail stole the show."
Sean Briggs
"I am super impressed by this extremely talented bunch of expert designers. They were incredibly helpful throughout the ordering process of my woven embroidered lanyards. My logo looked great on it."
harry anderson
Harry Anderson
"I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for quality woven lanyards. They are in a different league when it comes to designing custom lanyards. They are my personal go-to suppliers."
simon brooks
Simon Brooks

Weaving Your Vision Into Reality With Custom Woven Lanyards In UK

Quality, affordability, and unbeatable value, we deliver it all!

At, we offer brands a chance to turn their vision into a tangible reality. Our skilled digital artists and experienced craftsmen can meticulously weave your desired designs into premium lanyards. These customised woven lanyards embody both style and durability. We utilise state-of-the-art weaving technology to ensure that every single thread intertwines seamlessly. Eventually, you will get a stunning representation of your logo or artwork.

They are not just there to hold the ID cards and badges. If you design them smartly, they can be converted into powerful branding tools. Out of all the types, woven lanyards are the most amazing ones because they give your designs a crisp, clear, and high-definition finish. We outshine others in quality, but affordability is also one of our strongest traits. You can enjoy our premium craftsmanship without paying a hefty price or hurting your budget.

What Makes Our Custom Lanyards In UK So Special!

shipping worldwide
No Minimum Order Limit
free edit revisions
Free Edits & Revisions
no hidden charge
No Hidden Charges
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Versatile Branding Solutions

When your brand’s name is woven right into the fabric, it becomes impossible for anyone to ignore it. We design these professional-looking woven polyester lanyards that can carry essentials like ID cards, keys, bottles, and much more. Most importantly, they effectively represent your company and its message. These practical tools for identification can be one of your most fruitful investments as branding accessories.

Tailored Woven Lanyards For Every Need

We offer immense customisation possibilities to make your woven embroidered lanyards extra special. You can choose any colour, width, and style to make your logos and slogans extra noticeable. Our customised designs will reflect your brand’s identity and vision while maintaining a striking visual appeal. The creative freedom our clients get makes us stand out as the go-to provider for your unique lanyard needs.

Unparalleled Quality & Durability

The superior quality and durability of our thick woven lanyards have always been the talk of the town. Advanced weaving techniques and top-of-the-line materials ensure that all our products can withstand daily wear and tear without losing their charm. The commitment to quality that we exhibit sets up apart from all other Lanyard suppliers in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, Sheffield, Leeds, Bristol, and all over UK.

Sustainable Lanyards For A Greener Future

We are the biggest advocates of sustainability and eco-friendliness. Only eco-conscious materials and production processes are used to craft custom woven lanyards that are environmentally friendly. You can stay assured that the quality and style will never be compromised, as our primary focus is always on elevating your brand presence and leaving a lasting impression on clients. We care equally for our customers and nature.

Reasonable Charges For Everyone

We have thousands of satisfied customers who enjoy the unbeatable value that we offer. You can get a promotional powerhouse in the shape of these customised woven lanyards at a price that will never leave holes in your pocket. There is no minimum order limit for custom woven lanyards, and the prices remain affordable whether you place a big or small order. So shop at your own will and pay what your pocket allows.

Fastest Shipping & Production Of Lanyards

If you want quality woven lanyards in the UK but running out of time because of an upcoming event or tradeshow, you couldn’t have been at any better place. We design, manufacture, and deliver top-quality products at a pace that will always beat the clock. The project will be completed well within your desired timeframe. Also, don’t worry about the quality; the customisation and precision will be on point.