Personalised Polyester Lanyards In UK is London’s best-rated custom-made polyester lanyards maker that guarantees the highest quality at the lowest prices and the fastest turnaround.

Different Lanyards, For Different Needs – And We Customize Them All!

Breakaway Lanyards – The Most Common Choice

Breakaway lanyards come with a unique type of plastic clip that opens if the lanyard is caught, pulled, or grabbed! Its feature to snap apart in tense situations makes it an ideal choice, and hence you can order it from us. We make the best quality breakaway lanyards to prevent any injury or mishap.

Designer Lanyards – Got A Design Inspiration?

Want to have those branded polyester lanyards like Gucci or Kate Spade to make a bold fashion statement? If yes, then you can rely on us because we make custom polyester lanyards inspired by any design that a client wishes to own. Therefore, let us know what you want, and we’d serve you with the best.

Pocket Lanyards – Ditch The Boring Look

Don’t want to carry a lanyard around your neck because it looks too old-school? We still got you covered! Our custom polyester lanyards can be personalized in pocket size so you can carry your keys or ID card in your pocket. We also make woven lanyards, under which the design is embroidered into the fabric and not printed.

5 Reasons We Are UK’s #1 Choice

Lanyards can be customized in design

Clients receive full value for their money

We use top quality polyester for lanyards

Our manufacturing process is well-monitored

The prices here are very light on the pocket

premium quality lanyards

Brands In UK That Buy Polyester Lanyards From Us

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Navigate Through Our Pricing Section And We Promise, You’d Be Smirking

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Lanyard Size 50 Pcs 100 Pcs 150 Pcs 200 Pcs 500 Pcs 1000 Pcs
Polyester Lanyard £6.99 £4.99 £3.99 £2.99 £1.99 £0.75
Want to customize your quote? Let the support team, and we’ll customize the quote for you.

Attach Your Custom Polyester Lanyard Using Your Desire Type Of Attachment

cell loop
Cell Loop
bulldog clip
Bulldog Clip
swivel j hook
Swivel j Hook
thumb trigger
Thumb Trigger
thumb hook
Thumb Hook
plastic j hook
Plastic j hook
key ring
Key Ring
no swivel j hook
No Swivel j hook
oval hook
Oval Hook

Customized Polyester Lanyards – Just 3 Steps Away

step one lanyards
1 - Show us what you want

Show us a rough design draft so we can know about your requirements. Or, if you don’t have one, let us know, and we’d design your custom polyester lanyard for free.

step two lanyards
2 - Design approval

We’ll share the design draft with you. You can go through the draft and claim changes until you are satisfied. The design revisions are accommodated at no additional cost.

step three lanyards
3 - Manufacturing & shipping

After you are satisfied with the design, we will forward that to the manufacturers and execute your ideas into your very own – custom-designed polyester lanyards.

Clients Speak, We Listen – Britons Reviewing Our Personalized Polyester Lanyards

I just received the woven polyester lanyards and am pretty much satisfied with the customer support. The delivery was made on time, and it was nice to see such a caring customer support team.
The vibrant and rich color printed polyester lanyards I received are just beyond words. The quality is supreme, and everything else was just on-point. A must-try service in London, UK.
I am very pleased to tell you that my customers are just loving the woven polyester lanyards delivered by you guys. It was such a wonderful experience to hire them. Loved working with them.

Choose UK’s Most Reliable Custom Polyester Lanyards Supplier!

Because we value commitment, quality and customer service.

When looking for a durable, customized and low-priced custom lanyard supplier, you can never go wrong with us! We have contributed to this industry for 10+ years and accumulated tons of experience. Although we offer various stock colours, but as the leaders of personalization, we don’t mind custom dyeing to meet your unique colour needs. And finally, you can finish off your order by selecting any attachment from our options.

Best of all, we treat our clients with top-notch customer service. There are no charges for artwork service. Also, as always – we back our service with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We don’t sign off the order until the client is fully satisfied with the delivered product. If you come across a defect in workmanship or the product, you can always get it replaced for free. Hence, you can happily rely on us for personalized polyester lanyards.

With LanyardsPrinting.CO.UK – Following Perks Are Bound To Tag Along

shipping worldwide
Free & Quickest Shipping
free of cost artwork
Free Of Cost Artwork
free designs consultation
Free Design Consultation
custom lanyards printing

Comfortable lanyards – no neck itching

Since lanyards are supposed to be worn the whole day long (be it at workplaces or intuitions), it is important that they are comfortable, soft and lightweight, causing no trouble to your neck. Our top-quality customized polyester lanyards are made up of the finest material. Hence, when one carries them on their neck, they barely remember that they have something around their neck. The material is skin friendly.

Highly durable – never frays or fades away

You might take on and off your lanyard several times a day or give it a rough and tough treatment just because you are having a bad day. Ordinary lanyards might fray out or rip apart easily. But when you opt for our customized polyester lanyards, we promise they will withstand all abrasions and never stretch or tear easily. Also, our lanyards can bear up against high sun exposure applications.

Strong attachments – keep your valuables safe

The core purpose of lanyards is to keep the valuables safe, be it car keys, ID cards or anything else. For that reason, use insanely strong attachments that never break. We have metal rings, swivel hooks, bulldog clips, lobster claws, swivel clasps and several other types of sturdy attachments to keep your valuables safe. Depending upon your use, our experts can recommend the best type of attachment.

Fashionable – make it in any way you want

Customization is fun – and we make that experience even more enjoyable. You can pick a bright, vibrant color, and get your logo or tagline printed on it. Or suppose you are getting it for personal and not professional reasons. In that case, you may get your favorite cartoon character printed or perhaps a quote printed that reflects your interest. We never limit the customization opportunities for our clients.

A wide variety of lanyards – we make them all

Ranging from printed polyester lanyards to woven ones and all other types, we are capable of manufacturing all of them. We can turn any blank polyester lanyards into an eye-catching creation and ship across London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, Sheffield, Leeds and Bristol. Therefore, you can happily pick any type, get it customized in any design, and receive it at your doorstep!

Budget-friendly – good news for you

Despite leading the industry, we believe in keeping the prices lowest. That’s because we have in-house machinery and staff working with us. We don’t have to pay manufacturers or designers separately. This helps us in saving costs, and we end up offering polyester lanyards at wholesale prices to the clients. Plus, the minimum quantity here is very low; you won’t have to worry about that!