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Custom Wristbands Or Bracelets As A Valentine’s Day Gift

No matter whether you go on a dinner with your galentines or pop the question to your valentine, feel free to celebrate all types of love on the most awaited day of the year. That is right! We are talking about Valentine’s Day. 

From spiritual stars to sentimental signs, we have the perfect V-Day gift picks for your GOAT. Can you guess what it is? Let us break it to you!  Spoiler Alert! Custom wristbands (embellished with a healthy dose of hearts!)

Take away the heartache and hassle this year, as we have rounded up the most elegant jewellery idea for everyone no matter who you are celebrating with.

Want to show camaraderie among besties? Try accessorising with a catchy nametag bracelet. Asking the question during the V-Day romantic dinner? Make it special with a diamond bracelet. Or if you plan to take things casually, then surprise your sweetheart with a coloured gemstone bracelet.

So, whether you are single, in a relationship, or it is yet to be decided (complicated? We get it!), take our advice and prove your love to your darling. Because come on! You can never buy love, but you surely can buy them bracelets, right?

Read below to get awesome ideas to surprise your loved one this 14th of this month!

Make This V-Day Special With Custom Bracelets For Your Loved One

For Him

Are you hunting down awesome ideas on what to get for the men or The Man in your life? Well, look no more! Luckily, due to the recent Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, men wearing bracelets especially given by friends or their significant others have become quite a trend. Talk about perfect timing!

Harry Styles in Pearls and Taylor Lautner wearing Friendship Bracelet was only the beginning. To our delight, this trend is soaring. So, what is stopping you from “Make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it”?

Think of colour, stones, mixed materials, and…. A dash of sparkle maybe? (that’s more like the Timothee Chalamet, Mr. T). No matter if you want to make your dad, your hubby, your boyfriend, your crush, or your too-early-to-be-named new relationship, or even a friend’s day special you can gift them custom bracelets this Valentine’s. And, don’t worry, he does not have to be Timothee Chalamet to pull these jewellery pieces off. These bracelets for men are the new thing this year – all thanks to Taylor Swift! 

For Your Best Friend

Just like any other ‘90s trend, nameplate bracelets are in vogue again. So, if you haven’t got in on custom silicone wristbands then now is the perfect time to hop on the bandwagon. Mesh together your and your bestie’s names to make it sweet and short. Just like a cutesy tweet. Oof!

For instance, just as the world-famous models Gigi and Kendall did. Ever heard of “KenGi?” Google it right now, and you’ll know! If you are no pro at meshing together your names to make it sound cute, then worry not! You can also show your squad spirit by labelling girlfriends, boyfriends, BAEs, besties, etc. Isn’t this a dope idea to make your girls feel special this Valentine’s Day? It sure is!

For The Star-Crossed Lovers

Feel-good jewellery always becomes the hottest trend whenever V-Day is around the corner. And we cannot ask why! The symbolic and the celestial surely offer some much-needed spirit-lifting spur. Ask any accessory lover, especially your other half about what they want to get on February 14th. And their answer would probably revolve around diamonds, moon, stars, etc.

We are right, aren’t we? So why even bother asking them in the first place, huh? Give them all of this and surprise them! Hold on! We are not asking you to book a spaceship to fetch the actual moon, dum-dum! Instead, think elegant diamond jewellery, taking its cue from the most eye-striking luminary objects – the moon and the stars. Bless our hearts!

For The Big Question

Valentine’s Day is here! It means that we must steady ourselves to see giddy tear-stained cheeks, pearly white grins, and countless, COUNTLESS close-ups on diamond-laden, left-hand, fourth fingers. *sob sob*. In this digital age, header-image style proposals demand more than just a shiny ring.

So, for your #SheSaidYes moment this Valentine’s Day, you need to have a matching wristband along with the ring to sweep your darling off her feet. Psst… Quick Tip? Prior to asking the big question, take your loved one for a mani – trust us! She’ll definitely say yes if her frosted tips are on point!

For Your Better Half

Heart statement pieces have always ruled the world, and they are making a massive comeback, thankfully just at the right time. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and heart-shapes have been the in thing in the fashion world again! Coincidence? We think not! It’s a sign!

From custom lanyard printing to dainty wristbands, there are a lot of ways to make the heart-shape trend your own this time. The best part? Heart-shape will always stay meaningful, so your lucky Valentine will always hold it close to their heart. Isn’t that what you wanted?

For Those Looking For A Sign

Not a big fan of the heart-shaped motif? Roger that! We have a remedy for that! Or even if you are on the boat with the lovey-dovey symbol, but it is just too early for it? Say no more! You can gift your significant other a bracelet embellished with simple signs such as kisses, circles, infinity symbols, and whatnot. The key is to go with the ones that are decorated with diamonds to show your passion. 

Summing It All Up!

Custom wristbands or bracelets surely make a special Valentine’s Day gift for your better half. It is something that they can conveniently wear. Thus, serves as a perfect reminder for them to think of you. The best part? These bracelets can seamlessly add much-needed pizzazz to any ensemble. Isn’t that just great?

Sure it is, mate! A carefully picked-out bracelet or a meticulously customized wristband can convey so much more to your significant other than any words possibly can. This is why, we urge you to gift them this piece of jewellery. It is so personal and special as a V-Day gift and sure to stay for a long, long time. So, what is stopping you from getting custom bracelets right now?